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Key Account Planning (CUSTOMERONE™)

Account Plans are used by many organisations with high value customers. However, they can often be weighty, non user-friendly documents that offer little real benefit. In fact, the lack of effective key account planning can result in a number of problems:

  • Major gaps in knowledge about high value customers
  • Poor focus on the right contacts
  • Reduced focus on the right actions
  • No clarity with regard to objectives for account
  • Poor internal support for key account manager
  • Poor access to key account information.

In Imonic's experience, the effective use of key account plans can contribute significantly to achieving objectives set for these accounts. We also appreciate that such documents need to be easy to use and directly relevant to the account in question. This is why we have designed a one-page key account plan format, which integrates all essential information on a customer's organisation and sets out a clear direction for objectives and actions required.

This approach also yields additional benefits to the key account manager, since the process of pulling together account information often identifies opportunities for upselling or gaining additional contacts. The document also allows other responsible staff access to key account information and ensures commitment from senior people to actions detailed in the plan.

Imonic have a Powerpoint presentation on the CustomerOne™ process. Please refer to interactive and downloads to view.