Competitive Advantage by Increasing Opportunities

There are various ways to identify the level of value your organisation is bringing to your nationally important and regionally important key accounts, but a simple ‘red flag’ we often see is replicated objectives across very different key accounts. Often, these are also very brand centric objectives, although not exclusively, the point is, if you are doing the same things with multiple, very different, high value accounts, then penetration, partnerships and degree of competitive advantage through this ‘one-size fits all’ approach is going to be far from optimal.

To overcome this your Account Teams will need more opportunities, from which they can select the most fruitful ones to work with their high value accounts.

Imonic Approach:

So much is said in Pharma of the goal to become respected and valued partners of high value stakeholders and accounts, a worthy aim but not something that can be achieved overnight, it has to be earned through numerous positive exchanges and experiences, that in the eyes of those stakeholders, creates tangible value that brings them closer to their goals.

So where do you start in the quest to deliver value, develop resilient partnerships and gain competitive advantage? One place to begin is to create what we at Imonic call triple win opportunities. These are opportunities that have been prioritised due to their ability to create value for patients, the account and our business.

Account Teams can sometimes find this difficult, it requires a different mindset, set of skills and a process to navigate the opportunity development and prioritisation. Imonic help Account Teams by providing best-practice tools, proven processes and capability building in the form of franchise-specific training to guide them through every step.

Our approach has been proven to increase the level of triple win opportunities, we do this by combining SWOT factors [Dynamic SWOT Tool] to create action-orientated options, these are anchored back to specific brand goals for relevance [SWIM Lane Tool] and are then prioritised [Triple Win Prioritisation Tool] to result in a series of robust high quality and innovative opportunities to work with specific high-value accounts.

In summary; the value of this approach to Opportunity building is that it:

  • Increases the number of opportunities to work with high value accounts & stakeholders
  • Utilises a far broader set of insights to create opportunities
  • Prioritises opportunities by their ability to deliver patient, account & organisation/brand value

Overall, Account Teams find it easier to access and engage with stakeholders when they have these differentiated opportunities – ones that are acutely tailored to their account and stakeholder challenges and support their patients – and of course all in the context of our brand strategy.

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