Creating Superior Insights

Pharma Account Teams gain success through localised insights that help them position, message and where appropriate, tailor products & services, to enable the creation of mutual value.

These insights support Account Teams to provide powerful customer  engagements, Although this requires deep account, environment & stakeholder understanding - built on these key insights. The barriers however to Account Teams gaining sufficiently useful insights are often due to:

  • No roadmap to signpost the data needed or where to get it
  • The absence of a formalised process for working up data into key account insights & unmet needs
  • A weak grasp of the brand strategy, with no distilled version of extensive brand planning documents - for multi-functional Field Force use

Consequence: This causes a loss of impact in engagements with Healthcare Professionals - due to a lack of insight into these critical local patient & account unmet needs.

Imonic Approach:

Imonic have developed a best-practice process for insight development at an account level.

We support clients by providing the tools, techniques and building the internal capabilities to develop these insights, which differentiate your Account Teams and add value to both your stakeholders and their patients.

To do this well, we need to move away from the all-to-common generic approaches we see, to a deeper franchise specific approach. We start by taking a multi-functional [Account Team] perspective of the brand plan, identifying a series of opportunities and challenges against a set of agreed brand characteristics (we call this the brand characteristics table – this helps connect brand teams and account teams through a common currency).

The brand characteristics table is used as a basis for the development of a franchise specific questioning framework – this can be tailored to suit different country situations or specific customer segments/archetypes. This questioning framework takes an 3 dimensional approach to both internal and external environments that provides rich insights for a robust situational analysis to take place.

This Account team critical questioning tool is what we call an Inside/Outside Framework. It has the following benefits:

For YOU:

  • It neatly creates & captures account insight development in one place
  • It is tailored to your brand strategy & archetypes/markets
  • It leverages inputs & insights across key business functions


  • It improves HCP engagement impact – to differentiate your team
  • It provides Account Teams with more opportunities to improve patient care
  • It enables wider partnership opportunities with key accounts

Learn More: Building POWERFUL Insights_Imonic Infographic
If you’d like to understand how to improve the insight process for your brand, click here to set up a discussion and presentation of examples..

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