Growth & Challenge Workshops

Workshops are a great way to create fast progress, identify competitive innovation and stretch the expertise in the room to develop new strategies, differentiation opportunities, and all importantly, make aligned decisions.

They are hard to beat for co-creating ways to build value for all parties attending and build great relationships in the process.

Imonic Approach:

We listen to your workshop objectives and bring suggestions to mobilise their achievement, this will involve developing suitable agendas, suggesting tools, exercises and appropriate timings to practically make the event work.

Sometimes these events are very structured and methodical, other times they need to allow more free thinking or participation from 3rd parties for example, all dependent upon the specific organisational challenge  to be overcome. Examples of the type of workshops held:

  • To develop programme strategies
  • To jointly explore with customers ways to improve partnerships or strategic alliances
  • To develop insights and actions to target specific brand or competitor challenges
  • To innovate – Blue sky innovation focussed workshops to explore growth opportunities

Our objective, with impartial but strong facilitation where required, is to drive the agenda whilst giving all parties fair chance to speak or work through workshop tools and exercises. We are able to think on our feet and adapt agendas to achieve the desired outcomes.

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