OCE and Strategic Account Management Integration

The management of our stakeholder relationships are moving from a dominance of face-to-face engagement to interactions using various channels [Multi-Channel]. This has driven Pharma to adopt a product centered Multi-Channel Engagement [MCE] approach, and latterly a customer experience centered Omni-Channel Experience approach [OCE] - This latter approach seeks to focus on the Customer and deliver a seamless experience through all interactions, whichever the function engaging, whatever the channel.

Imonic Approach:

Account Team members remain a vital element in the successful management of the customer experience (as they orchestrate the majority of stakeholder interactions). Likewise, with advances in technology and with new tools and resources at their disposal, Account Teams therefore need to become an integral part of the OCE Strategy, Imonic have a proven approach to do this:

Initially we identify the integration points for field teams with your OCE program, this involves for example:

  • The critical OCE inputs from the brand plan that will drive Account Team insights
  • The Account Teams alignment of stakeholders to OCE categorisation (eg agreement of stakeholder segments, channel & other preferences)
  • Clarification of processes where there is overlap (eg OCE considerations when setting tactics and interaction activities)
  • Creating a closed-loop mechanism between the Account Teams and Brand team to improve accuracy (eg of stakeholder segments)

This approach enables us to:

  • Develop communication collateral to explain the positioning between your SAM/KAM program and OCE (eg what is the strategic intention of each, how do they overlap, what benefits does each give to the other)
  • Create training content to cover new or amended SAM/KAM processes – usually delivered in a train-the-trainer format
  • Facilitate Account Team use of assets and resources to enable a plug and play approach to account management


Learn more about integrating MCE/OCE Strategy with Account Team ways of working, click here to begin the conversation…

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