Successful Account Planning

In our experience of working with clients in a variety of complex and highly regulated sectors, we recognise that Pharma faces challenges unique from other sectors, it also excels in areas where others have challenges. For this reason generic industry account planning systems or software do not produce the required results for Pharma.

Imonic Approach:

Account Planning is often seen as the ‘heavy lifting’ part of an account management process as it must work up and produce individual account strategies that provide direction for the Account Team, whilst delivering intended benefits for patients, the account and the business. Too often we see Account Plans that provide adhoc initiatives or funding, which do not address the specific requirements of the brand. Hence there is a need for a cross-functional approach with robust analysis tools that create relevant and effective Account Plans. The standard and continual improvement of these plans is achieved through clear and regular governance from management.

There are a range of core factors that are necessary to achieve Account planning success:

  • A robust methodology that gives repeatable success across a range of key accounts
  • Account Team clarity and shared understanding of the brand strategy
  • A replicable and formalised process for insight gathering across the Account Team
  • A robust situational analysis that positions the brand strategy, in the context of the challenges/unmet needs of the key account
  • Shared objectives and smart tactics that are aligned to stakeholder segments, utilise OCE assets, and share the workload across the functions of the Account Team and wider business
  • Regular reviews with a clear governance process to question and challenge the account plan progress


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