Training & Capability Building

Whilst capability building is often desired at many levels, at Imonic we repeatedly see that certain capabilities really move the dial more in terms of success and have become critical success factors for Strategic Account Management [SAM] or Key Account Management [KAM] programmes for many organisations.

Imonic Approach:

Imonic have undertaken capability building programmes in almost all areas of Strategic Account Management [SAM] or Key Account Management [KAM] and delivered them in various forms. We now tend to concentrate our training services where we see the need as a critical success factor for success, namely:

Having Best Practice Account Plan Examples for each Franchise:

  • Facilitated Building of ‘Best Practice’ Account Plans – Franchise specific, that act as the standard within that brand. For Account Teams. These workshops culminate in the building of a completed Account Team’s plan for a specific account. It comprises 3 focussed sessions with post workshop exercises in-between. It’s aim is to apply the principles and practices of account management, to overcome the challenges of the brand in the specific market and context of the account within its environment. The working up of the account strategy and objectives, is completed through a co-created process aligned with the functional aims of the Account Team members. This training is delivered either via a train-the-trainer model for FLMs to conduct the workshops, or Imonic provide lead sessions to create either one or a series of best-practice account plans.

Ensuring Management can find their way around an Account Plan, look for the back-up analyses, and be confident in challenging and/or supporting the plan:

  • Account Plan Review & Approval – For Managers (from functional FLMs to Business Unit Heads). Providing Managers with the capability to peel-away at Account Plans, ask the challenging questions, seek out the supporting analysis and provide constructive support to the account team to enhance viability. This is a critical activity as it underpins the governance process and overwhelmingly contributes to the continual improvement of the quality and achievability of Account Plans. Delivered in either Face-to-Face or Virtual Workshops.

All new Account Team Members understand and can apply the KAM tools and process: 

  • Account Management Competence – Used to build KAM proficiency in new staff by utilising in-depth business cases with inherent connection to the brand challenges. This gains familiarity of the process and tools for new teams or new members joining the organisation. Delivered in either Face-to-Face or Virtual Workshops.


Open Market Training & Capability Building through our partnership with Celforpharma:

Imonic are members of the Celforpharma faculty. We looked at a number of training organisations and spoke to clients who consistently mentioned Celforpharma as a valued learning and development partner and quality provider of Pharma specific training.

Imonic partner with Celforpharma to provide courses to their faculty on Strategic Account Management for programme leads, and Key Account Management Excellence for those practising account management and needing leading edge tools to support them.

Either of the courses below can be run in-house and tailored to specific Client situations (eg brand challenges)

Strategic Account Management – 1 day course for programme leads


  1. How to set your company ambition for Strategic Account Management from an internal and external perspective
  2. To set the model of external engagement and internal collaboration
  3. How to formalize a process for developing strategic account insights in the context of your brand
  4. New tools for discovering new growth opportunities within Key Accounts.
  5. To set a framework for the success of your Strategic Account Management program
  6. How to define the organizational capabilities required and then measure them

Key Account Management Excellence – 2 day course for practitioners and managers of practitioners


  1. How to develop patient-centric strategies that drive value for both your account, your company and patients.
  2. Approaches to uncover the unmet needs of your Key Accounts.
  3. Analytical tools for discovering new growth opportunities within your Key Accounts.
  4. How to prioritise triple-win opportunities for optimal value creation.
  5. Best practices for setting Account Plan KPIs and for measuring Key Account success organisationally.


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